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Teeth are your body's hardest substance. Yet over time, wear and acid from food, smoking, alcohol, or disease can take their toll on them. Whether the problem is discoloration, poor shape, chips, or even missing teeth, Dr. Richard Foreman will make you whole again.

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• Oral surgery

• Root canals

• Crowns

• Implants

• Bridges

The tooth saviors

Dr. Foreman has saved teeth just like yours for nearly three decades. That and his seasoned staff and modern, well-appointed office make your necessary restorative work 10 times easier for you to experience.

Experience and modern methods

Rot in your tooth's root is painful and dangerous to the rest of your body! If a tooth reaches that critical stage of decay, a root canal is in order. Trust our modern methods to lessen your discomfort.

Root canal: The last resort to save a tooth, but with minimal pain

Bringing your teeth back from disasters